Petite Cakers Starting in October
Throughout this beginner's 4 week course, your child will bake a new sweet dish each week while gaining valuable life skills. Ideal for Ages 5 - 12 and Begins October 13th.
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Kids' September Holiday Classes
Give the kids something exciting to do these School Holidays! Keep them engaged through an interactive cooking class where they’ll be able to take home their creations afterwards!
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Interested in a Career in Hospitality?
Our Training Courses will allow you to get certified in various culinary skills and knowledge. Learn to do what you love! Learn more at The Culinary Expo, Jan 2021.
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Due to popular demand, Teen Cakers is back in October!
Designed for those who are serious about cake-making, your kids will be taught by The Baking Factory’s cake artisans on the art of making, and decorating beautiful cakes, cupcakes and more!
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Host a Kids' Birthday with Us!
With a range of different packages available, our Birthdays are sure to leave a lasting impression!
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Located in Southwest Sydney, The Culinary School combines the past and present learnings of cultures and traditions with contemporary innovations in cooking. The Culinary School offers cooking classes and private bookings for adults and children, for both skilled or beginners.

“Our aim is to inspire a culinary revolution… A journey that transcends borders, boundaries and generations to reignite a passion for the culinary arts. Tradition meets innovation in every recipe, class and cuisine uniquely tailored to awaken your inner chef”

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“The Culinary School is the personal culmination of 15 years in the hospitality industry. Growing up in Sydney’s Western suburbs I was exposed to a cultural smorgasbord of cuisine, which lined the streets of Punchbowl, similar to what I would see in my mother country. Coming from Lebanese parents who migrated here after the war, the connection between culture and cuisine was deeply embedded into my identity from a young age. I opened my first restaurant at 18 years old and sold it a year later armed with a new perception on the culinary world. I learnt that each recipe had a story, a past, an identity tied to a tradition, it represented a people and a place, all had uncertain futures and a troubling present and for some a cautionary warning.

I studied traditions and how the political histories of certain foods influenced its very birth. Everything can be tied back to culture, and the richness of culture reflects the history of the food, without proper knowledge of its origins, we are denying a part of our identity.

This is why we focus on teaching the foods of the past the way they were first taught, only until we truly understand their origins can we innovate tradition, it is only out of my deep respect for culinary history and the generations that pioneered them, do we strive to maintain a cultural tie, keeping the link alive for our youth and those after them.”

– Bashar Krayem

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