Online AUSLAN Hearing-Impaired Sessions

The Culinary School is excited to announce its online classes for the hearing impaired

Cooking is an essential life skill. For individuals with disabilities, our special needs cooking classes not only equip individuals with the necessary tools for greater independence, but also promotes social and community participation.

Boosting confidence, social skills and technical aptitude

With the recent isolation measures to combat COVID-19 many are asked to stay home except for their necessary activities. Whilst this is difficult for everyone, it has a particular impact on those individuals with special needs who require daily support and interaction to boost their independence, skills and provide them with a sense of belonging.

“There is no better measure of an establishment’s culture than how inclusive it is of its most vulnerable customers.”


The Culinary School has designed a truly unique program

TLC strives to provide the best customised service to support NDIS participants. These services include support in social, community and recreational participation, in-home support, financial plan management, specialised transport and connecting you with allied health professionals.

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