Kids' Culinary College: Little ASIA

4 week mini-course designed to inspire the chefs of the future

Little Asia

Welcome to Little Asia! Each week students will cook a different traditional Asian dish while gaining valuable life skills. Not only will your child have a new Culinary skill set, they will be rewarded for their achievements with an official The Culinary School certificate of completion.

Full details and class descriptions below.

Course Curriculum

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The perfect healthy and delicious snack! Students will prepare, lay out, and wrap their own

Fun, mini balls of rice with different various pockets of filling!

A staple in any household, Students will master the art of fried rice

A small pocket of delicious filling, all wrapped in a crunchy pastry

4 week program Details

These are applicable to all our Kids Culinary College courses
  • This is a 4 week Program
  • When purchasing, please select the session your child can consistently attend for the full 4-week term i.e. if you sign up for the Tuesday session you will need to attend ONLY the Tuesday session every week for the entire 4 weeks.
  • The opportunity is available for each child to purchase a chefs jacket, an apron and a chefs hat for $45 (Full Price $65). This is optional but adds to your child's experience.

Ready to give your child an educational culinary experience?

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