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theme for march 2020:

Little Bakers

Our Kids Culinary College are 5 week intensive mini-courses designed to teach your mini chefs the basics of a certain cuisine in a fun, safe and educational atmosphere that is hands on and promotes imagination and creativity. Our March course is Little Bakers – each week students will bake a new dish, savoury or sweet, while gaining valuable life skills.

Not only will your child have a new Culinary skill set, they will be rewarded for their achievements with an official TCS certificate of completion.

Full details and class descriptions below.

Course Curriculum

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Decadent chocolate brownies are the ultimate sweet treat! Not only will your child learn to make a full size slab of brownies from scratch, they will learn the importance of measurement skills for any recipe. As a TCS first, they’ll be the first to try a new edition – Our Willy Wonka style Chocolate Tap! A never-ending supply of pure chocolate run straight from our custom made chocolate tap.

We’ve all grown up eating an Aussie favourite! Mini party pies and sausage rolls are a staple in most households, but what hidden nasties were we unknowingly consuming?  Now your kids will learn how to make a healthier version from scratch! With no hidden chemicals, preservatives or unnecessary sugar – our party pastries will use only the freshest ingredients. Kids will develop a healthy appreciation for food safety, knowing exactly what goes into their food and the satisfaction of creating something wholesome from the pastry to the filling.

Our bake-fest continues with a nutritious and convenient dish most kids absolutely love, Banana Bread! Using fresh ingredients from local suppliers, kids will learn how to make the ever popular Banana Bread from scratch, while also throwing a new chocolate chip element into the mix as an option! From mushing our locally sourced Bananas to watching their creations rise in the oven. This class will be both a fun and practical take omg a family classic!

Normal sized cookies are a thing of the past, this class focuses on making a traditional sized cookie super gigantic!

A fun and hands on class that incorporates team work and measurement skills with a variety of toppings to be choose from. Sometimes traditional recipes are made to be innovated!

Our last class puts the kids baking skills to the test, incorporating everything they have learnt into a recipe they will be given to complete from start to finish. This spectacular donut class will know no boundary and their imaginations will have no limit.

Kids will have free rein to construct, design, bake and decorate a donut completely to their liking and tastes.

5 week program Details

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