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A 5 week mini-course designed to inspire the chefs of the future

theme for february 2020:

Little Italy

Our Kids Culinary College is a 5 week intensive mini course designed to teach your mini chefs the basics of a certain cuisine in a fun, safe and educational atmosphere that is hands on and promotes imagination and creativity. Our February course takes us to Little Italy, where each week students will learn a traditional Italian dish from scratch. 

Not only will your child have a new Culinary skill set they will be rewarded for their achievements with an official TCS certificate of completion.

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Course Curriculum

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Pizza has come a long way since its creation in Italy, we find the perfect middleground where traditional meets modern, where we cover different Pizza doughs and topping combinations from all around the world. Including a talk on food moderation and nutrition value.

Lasagne is a well known Italian dish that is made differently in various regions across Italy. Over the years Lasagne has adapted to almost every culture in the nation, specifically the West where the recipe has taken on many forms. This class will explore the traditional lasagne, while touching on influences from around the world.

Pasta making is difficult even for a full sized chef! Your little one’s will learn the art of Pasta making from scratch as they get a hands on lesson with our mini custom made pasta machines, followed by a lesson on traditional Sicilian Sauces & toppings.

If Sicilian Cuisine was a King, the Cannoli would be the crown! 

This traditionally Italian dessert needs no introduction, its intimidating to even the most seasoned chef and demands attention to detail, all aspects that will be covered in our  Cannoli Spectacular which is split up over two classes in order to perfect technique.

Welcome to Milan the home of the original Tiramusu! Our last installment of our Little Italy series finishes of with this amazing hands-on session preparing the perfect Tiramisu. One of the most famous desserts of Italy.

Tiramisu is a rich, smooth cake like pudding, blending flavors of cocoa and espresso with savory mascarpone cheese, layered with ladyfinger biscuits. With the help of our pro chef, you will learn to master the ingredients in order to obtain the perfect Tiramisu.

5 week program Details

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