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At The Culinary School we offer a range of different cooking classes and workshops which are closely aligned with a range of different NSW Syllabus requirements and Australian Curriculum based events such as Harmony Day or NAIDOC Week.  

The Culinary School also works closely with NSW public and private, primary and secondary schools to tailor a workshop to the School’s requirements.

Currently, our set syllabus focused workshops include:  

  • Cooking with Our Roots- An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-focused cooking class;  
  • A Recipe for Sustainability- cooking focused on sustainable and healthy living; and  
  • A Recipe for Harmony  multicultural cooking to foster belonging and respect for diverse cultures.   

All of these cooking workshops can be delivered:  

  • At The Culinary School state-of-the-art workshops; or  
  • at your school in our Culinary School on Wheels.  

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“The preservation of our traditions relies heavily on the culinary education of our youth” – Bashar Krayem

Cooking with our roots

Our Indigenous Cooking workshopCooking with Our Roots, allows students to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples use of food and their concept of food equity.  

This workshop includes:  

  • Syllabus focused workbook;  
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Recipe 
  • Necessary ingredients; and  
  • Cooking of recipe guided by a facilitator and chef from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background.  

This educational workshop will allow students to prepare a traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dish whilst learning about the environmental and cultural considerations which impact these recipes and food habits.

Ultimately, this provides students with an appreciation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples through the investigation of bush tucker.

These workshops provide students with an understanding of:  

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander food gathering techniques  
  • health benefits of a native diet  
  • food preparation customs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples  
  • The impacts of colonisation on the health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.  

To see how the Cooking With Our Roots workshop aligns with the NSW Syllabus content and Cross-Curriculum Priorities click here.


As an alternative to syllabus-focused workshops, The Culinary School offers a Cooking with our Roots class during NAIDOC Week.   

This cooking class provides students of all backgrounds with the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history. Through food, students will gain a sense of respect and appreciation for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ history and culture. 

A Recipe for Sustainability

A Recipe for Sustainability uses cooking to investigate the food system from the growth of food to its disposal.   

Guided by a facilitator and chef and accompanied by a syllabus-specific workbook, the Recipe for Sustainability workshop provides the following outcomes:  

  • an understanding of the food system;  
  • a grasp of the concept of sustainability;  
  • comprehension burden which the food cycle imposes on the social, economic and environmental systems.  
  • reflection on values of care, respect and responsibility necessary to preserve the capacity of the earth to maintain all life 
  • an understanding of how to live and eat sustainably  

Click here to see how our Recipe for Sustainability aligns with the NSW Syllabus requirement and the Australian Cross-Curriculum Priorities.

A Recipe for Harmony

Food is a single unifier across cultures and ethnicities and is the medium through which respect and belonging is fostered amongst diverse cultures.  

The A Recipe for Harmony workshop aims to provide students with the opportunity to interact with different cultural heritages in order to foster appreciation and respect for different cultures.  

The A Recipe for Harmony workshop involves:  

  • recipes form a range of diverse cultures;  
  • ingredients to cook a particular recipe;  
  • guided cooking facilitated by a chef; and  
  • workbook aligned with syllabus requirements.  

For more information on how this workshop incorporates NSW Syllabus content, click here.

Harmony Day 

As an alternative to our workshop, our A Recipe for Harmony class is also offered specifically as a Harmony Day celebration, allowing students to learn the cooking and eating habits of some of the many diverse cultures in Australia. 

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