School & Youth Programs

The Culinary School presents tailored programs for school age students. Our programs are designed to incorporate educational cookery skills within a fun and team oriented atmosphere that encourages creativity, provides stress management skills, builds confidence within the kitchen and forms an educational base focusing on healthy eating, nutrition and cultural awareness through the art of culinary.

These tailored classes are only offered to schools and youth groups.

“The preservation of our traditions relies heavily on the culinary education of our youth” – Bashar Krayem

Pre-Kindy (2 hours)

Baking Sessions
We believe food education should start from an early age, the earlier the better! Our pre-Kindy classes are designed as an introduction on the importance of nutrition and food choices, delivered through an entertaining, fun and hands on lesson the whole class will enjoy.

K to 6 (2 hours)

Baking Sessions

Primary school baking sessions at The Culinary School start with basic culinary skills which include safe food handling, hygienic practices within the kitchen, food preparation, nutrition choices and above all, a hands on experience that aims to ignite a love for the culinary arts as well as an appreciation for the hospitality industry as a possible career pathway.

Years 7 to 12 (2.5 hours)

Baking Sessions, Cooking Classes

Considered one of our most valuable programs, baking sessions for mature aged high school students present much more than basic culinary skills. The Culinary School understands this period in a teenagers life requires a class to be designed with many factors in mind, including but not limited to, stress management skills, anger management skills, encouraging creativity, encouraging a healthy pastime, nutrition education, food choices and their impact both physically and mentally, positive body image and an appreciation for the hospitality industry as a possible career pathway.

This will be delivered in a fun, laid back environment where students will be able to learn new skills or improve old ones

Indigenous Culinary Program

The Culinary School acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and that the school has been built on the land of the Daruk and Eora people, who are the original owners and are apart of the oldest surviving continuous culture in the world. We pay our respect to the Elders past and present; we acknowledge their history, their story and their struggle both past and present. 

Our Indigenous Culinary Program is designed for both Primary and High School students of all backgrounds. We aim to instill knowledge of indigenous culinary practices using both a theoretical and practical approach delivered by an indigenous elder. 

The program will highlight the indigenous culture in a culinary light that aims to be both informative, educational and fun for all ages.

Schools/Youth Programs we've Hosted

Wiley Park Girls' High School

Auburn Girls' High School

Wiley Park Public School

Granville Boys' High School

Al Firdaus Quran College

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