NDIS Programs

The Culinary School is proud to pioneer an Australia-first with its online classes for people with special needs.

Cooking is an essential life skill. For individuals with disabilities, our special needs cooking classes not only equip individuals with the necessary tools for greater independence, but also promotes social and community participation.

With the recent isolation measures to combat COVID-19 many are asked to stay home except for their necessary activities. Whilst this is difficult for everyone, it has a particular impact on those individuals with special needs who require daily support and interaction to boost their independence, skills and provide them with a sense of belonging.

A Recipe for Independence Workshop

The Culinary School will encourage the development of cooking skills necessary for everyday life including:

  • Reading a recipe;
  • Identifying ingredients;
  • Budget cooking;
  • Effective and safe cooking methods, and;
  • Knowledge of nutritious cooking.
“There is no better measure of an establishment’s culture than how inclusive it is of its most vulnerable customers.” – BASHAR KRAYEM

How will workshops run during COVID-19?

Learn how to cook from within your very own home

Given the new isolation and social distancing sanctions, The Culinary School is delivering the Recipe for Independence program online. This ensures engagement but also safety for those with disabilities.

Homegrown Chef

As an alternative to our live delivery of workshops, Homegrown Chef  provides students with pre-recorded, closed captioned videos and all other requirements to cook a cuisine of their interest from our continuously updated recipe list. 

Culinary Capable Cooking Kits

The Culinary Capable Cooking Kits provide students with all that is required to be involved in our workshops from the comfort of their very own home. Theses Kits include:

  • Theory workbooks;
  • Ingredients where necessary;
  • Recipe cards; and
  • Guide on how to engage in our live online workshops.

Nutritious Meals

The ultimate goal of every Culinary School workshops is to empower students to cook nutritious meals which they can enjoy. In isolation, students can refrigerate their meals and reheat for consumption later. The relevant materials will advise as to the safe storage and consumption of completed meals.

Human Interaction

The new restrictions in response to COVID-19 are particularly difficult on persons with special needs who already feel isolated. The Culinary School aims to provide students with a sense of belonging in our highly engaging live workshops which allow for interaction with the head chef and other students.

Technical Aptitude

The use of technology and the online platform, Zoom, provides students the opportunity to enhance their technical aptitude. This objective is supported with our guides which come with the Homegrown Chef and the Culinary Capable Cooking Kits.
Additionally, our staff and team are dedicated to assisting students with ongoing technical support to help them get their at-home sessions up and running effectively and efficiently.

Engaging Activity

Our at-home cooking options allow students to partake in a highly-engaging activity which allows for interaction with other students, but also family or other support personnel at home. Cooking is a therapeutic and engaging activity which requires the use of all the senses, keeping you entertained and engaged whilst in isolation.

Need more information?

We welcome the opportunity to work closely with NDIS-approved service providers who wish to provide a therapeutic learning experience for their clients. Please fill the form below and we will be in touch.